About Gran's Van

Past History
Mary Binks
Former Devonport Mayor, Mary Binks

Gran's Van Association Inc was formed at the instigation of former Devonport Mayor, Mary Binks. Seeing a need in the community that no one else was meeting at the time, Mrs Binks drew people together to find a solution. When a vehicle was donated in the winter of 2006, Gran's Van became a reality.

Since then, Gran's Van have served more than 34000 meals to the poor and homeless of Devonport, as well as distributing countless sleeping bags, blankets, beanies, socks, jumpers and jackets donated by the local community.

Mary Binks
The Current Van
Present Operations

With over 120 individuals, businesses and groups volunteering for Gran's Van, we continue to provide a regular service to the local community 14 years after we began. And while there are now other organisations also providing similar support in Devonport, the need for Gran's Van continues.

The van still operates 3 or 4 times a week, providing a light meal, a hot drink and someone to chat to for a few minutes. It is also stocked with toiletries, canned food, blankets, jackets and on Fridays donations of bread and other bakery items from Banjos Devonport.

Future Plans

Gran's Van are currently working with Action Against Homelessness and in with the support of Devonport Council on a project to develop a trailer with shower and laundry facilities. This free service will operate during the day, providing a place for the homeless to wash themselves and their clothing. And with a small meeting room, it is hoped that some professional services (eg hair cuts, councelling, dental checkups, etc) might also be offered. All with a cup of tea or coffee while you wait.