Gran's Van relies on volunteers to provide our services and we welcome new volunteers.

There are several roles you can serve in, and how often you are available is up to you.
The main roles are:

  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Food Prep
  • Driver
  • Food Service
Other roles include heating soup and collecting bread supplies from Banjos; feel free to ask about those if you are interested.
Generally, we ask anyone who is going to be a supervisor or driver to do food prep or service a few times to get a handle on what is required.

For the protection of our volunteers and our clients, there are several requirements that need to be completed to become a Gran's Van volunteer.

  • First, each volunteer needs to complete an application form (send us am email request and we will return the form to you).
  • All volunteers need a Working with Vulnerable People card. You can apply here.
  • Also, we run regular WHS induction sessions for new volunteers. Everyone is required to attend one of these.
  • Finally, all volunteers need to complete a short course or provide evidence of competency for food handling. We can provide a link to a free online course on request.

Once all this is complete – which happens quickly even if it seems like a lot to do – you will be rostered on with other experienced volunteers for your first shift.

If you have any questions or need more info, please contact us.